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50 Greatest Hits, 3CD

McEntire Reba
Doba dodání v týdnech: 6
kód: BEG14650
nosič: CD
rok vydáni: 2008
vydavatel: Universal
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Seznam skladeb:
1. How Blue 
2. Somebody Should Leave  
3. Have I Got a Deal for You 
4. Only in My Mind 
5. Whoever's in New England 
6. Little Rock 
7. What Am I Gonna Do About You 
8. Let the Music Lift You Up 
9. One Promise Too Late  
10. The Last One to Know  
11. Love Will Find Its Way to You 
12. Sunday Kind of Love
13. I Know How He Feels  
14. New Fool at an Old Game  
15. Cathy's Clown 
16. 'Til Love Comes Again 
17. Walk On 
18. You Lie 
19. Rumor Has It 
20. Fancy  
21. Fallin' out of Love 
22. For My Broken Heart 
23. Is There Life out There 
24. The Night the Lights Went out in Georgia  
25. The Greatest Man I Never Knew  
26. Take It Back 
27. The Heart Won't Lie 
28. It's Your Call 
29. Does He Love You 
30. Why Haven't I Heard from You  
31. She Thinks His Name Was John 
32. Till You Love Me  
33. The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter  
34. And Still  
35. Ring on Her Finger, Time on Her Hands 
36. Starting Over Again 
37. The Fear of Being Alone  
38. How Was I to Know  
39. I'd Rather Ride Around with You 
40. What If It's You 
41. If You See Him, If You See Her  
42. Forever Love  
43. Wrong Night 
44. One Honest Heart  
45. What Do You Say  
46. I'll Be  
47. I'm a Survivor  
48. Somebody 
49. He Gets That from Me  
50. Because of You  
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