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King Of Country Music, 2CD

Acuff Roy
Doba dodání v týdnech: 5
kód: BE334347
nosič: CD
rok vydáni: 1994
vydavatel: Bear Family
celkový čas: 149:11 min.
Dodací doba může být delší. Dovoz ze zahraničí.
Nahrávky z let 1953-1958

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Seznam skladeb:
CD 1:
1. Tied Down
2. What Will I Do
3. Is It Love Or Is It Lies
4. Lonesome Joe
5. Sweep Around Your Own Back Door
6. Don´t Say Goodbye
7. Swamp Lily
8. Sixteen Chickens And A Tambourine
9. Rushing Around
10. Whoa Mule
11. Sunshine Special
12. I Closed My Heart´s Door
13. I´m Planting A Rose
14. River Of Crystal
15. Please Daddy Forgive
16. Streamline Heartbreaker
17. I Close My Heart´s Door
18. Six More Days
19. The Thief Upon The Tree
20. Don´t Judge Your Neighbor
21. The Night Spots (Of The Town)
22. The Great Speckled Bird
23. Lonely Mound Of Clay
24. Pins And Needles (In My Heart)
25. Wabash Cannon Ball
26. The Great Judgement Morning
27. The Wreck On The Highway
28. The Precious Jewel
29. Night Train To Memphis

CD 2:
1. That´s What Makes The Jukebox Play
2. What Do You Think About Me
3. Oh Those Tombs
4. Come Back Little Pal
5. Fire Ball Mail
6. I´m Building A Home (In The Sky)
7. The Great Titanic
8. Goodbye Mr. Brown
9. Mother Hold Me Tight
10. Crazy Worried Mind
11. Along The China Coast
12. It´s Hard To Love
13. Plant Some Flowers By My Gaveside
14. I Wanna Be Loved
15. I Like Mountain Music
16. Jesus Died For Me
17. Thank God
18. Thank God
19. Were You There When They Crucified My Lord
20. How Beautiul Heaven Must Be
21. The Unclouded Day
22. Hold To God´s Unchanging Hand
23. Lord Build Me A Cabin
24. Where The Soul Never Dies
25. Shake My Mother´s Hand For Me
26.Take My Hand, Precious Lord
27. This World Is Not My Home
28. Where Could I Go (But To My Lord)
29. Jesus Just Died For Me

Interpreti podrobně:
Host: K.Wells (CD 2/8,9)
Cena: 960 Kč