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Tennessee Playboy And His Guitar, 5CD

Arnold Eddy
Doba dodání v týdnech: 5
kód: BC604820
nosič: CD
rok vydáni: 1998
vydavatel: Bear Family
celkový čas: 326:10 min.
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Seznam skladeb:
CD 1:
1. Mother´s Prayer
2. Mommy Please Stay Home With Me
3. The Cattle Call
4. Each Minute Seems A Million Years
5. Did You See My Daddy Over There
6. Many Tears Ago
7. I Walk Alone
8. You Must Walk The Line
9. (I´ll Have To) Live And Learn
10. Be Sure There´s No Mistake
11. I Couln´t Believe It Was True
12. I Talk To Myself About You
13. All Alone In This World Without You
14. Can´t Win, Can´t Place, Can´t Show
15. What Is Life Without Love
16. That´s How Much I Love You
17. Why Didn´t You Take That Too
18. Chained To A Memory
19. Easy Rockin´ Chair
20. To My Sorrow
21. It´s A Sin
22. I´m Somebody Nobody Loves
23. That Litle Boy Of Mine
24. Don´r Brother To Cry
25. Me Too

CD 2:
1. I´ll Hold You In My Heart
2. Bouquet Of Roses
3. What A Fool I Was
4. Little Angel With The Dirty Face
5. Wondering What To Do
6. The Prisoner´s Song
7. Rockin´ Alone In An Old Rockin´ Chair
8. It Makes No Difference Now
9. Will The Circle Be Unbroken
10. Seven Years With The Wrong Woman
11. Molly Darling
12. I´m Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes
13. Who At My Door Is Standing
14. Then I Turned And Walked Slowly Away
15. Texarkana Baby
16. (In The) Hils Of Tomorrow
17. My Daddy Is Only A Picture
18. Say You´ll Be Mine
19. There´s Not A Thing (I Wouldn´t Do For You)
20. I´ve Got A Lifetime To Forget
21. Anytime
22. A Heart Full Of Love
23. My Heart Cries For You
24. I´ve Got Other Fish To Fry
25. This Is The Thanks I Get (For Loving You)

CD 3:
1. You Know How Talk Gets Around
2. Just A Little Lovin´
3. Till The End Of The World
4. Save A Little Corner In Your Heart
5. M-O-T-H-E-R
6. I Wouldn´t Trade The Silver In Mother´s Hair
7. That Wonderful Mother Of Mine
8. Bring Your Roses To Her Now
9. I Wish I Had A Girl Like You Mother
10. My Mother´s Sweet Voice
11. There´s No Wings On My Angel
12. The Echo Of Your Footsteps
13. Why Didn´t You Take That Too
14. That Little Boy Of Mine
15. My Heart Cries For You
16. This Is The Thanks I Get (For Loving You)
17. Don´t Rob Another Man´s Castle
18. Me Too
19. Little Angel With The Dirty Face
20. I´ve Got Other Fish To Fry
21. Many Tears Ago
22. I Walk Alone
23. Show Me The Way Back To Your Heart
24. Homesick, Lonesome And Sorry
25. One Kiss Too Many

CD 4:
1. I Was Foolish When I Fell In Love With You
2. Something Old, Something New
3. I Tied A Little String Around My Finger
4. I´m Throwing Rice
5. Shepherd Of My Heart
6. Why Should I Cry
7. C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S
8. To The Last Beat Of My Heart
9. Take Me In Your Arms And Hold Me
10. Evil Tempt Me Not
11. When Jesus Beckons Me Home
12. Will Santy Come To Shanty Town
13. Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere
14. The Lily Of The Valley
15. Softly And Tenderly
16. Mama And Daddy Broke My Heart
17. You Touched Me
18. The Cattle Call
19. Chained To A Memory
20. The Nearest Thing To Heaven
21. Something Old, Something New
22. A Prison Without Walls
23. Cuddle Buggin´ Baby
24. Enclosed, One Broken Heart

CD 5:
1. Tie Me To Your Apron Strings Again
2. Behind The Clouds
3. A Million Miles From Your Heart
4. At The Close Of A Long, Long Day
5. C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S
6. If I Never Get To Heaven
7. The Lovebug Itch
8. White Chtistmas
9. Santa Claus s Coming To Town
10. There´s Been A Change In Me
11. Precious Little Baby
12. Through A Stranger´s Eyes
13. Open Thy Merciful Arms
14. Jesus And The Atheist
15. Behind The Clouds
16. Precious Little Baby
17. Kentucky Waltz
18. Something Old, Something New
19. Jesus And The Atheist
20. May The Good Lord Bless And Keep You
21. I´m Writing A letter To The Lord
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