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There´s Been A Change In Me, 7CD

Arnold Eddy
Doba dodání v týdnech: 5
kód: BEE73935
nosič: CD
rok vydáni: 2008
vydavatel: Bear Family
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Seznam skladeb:
1. Tennessee Hillbilly Ghost     
2. Rollin' and Tossin     
3. I Wanna Play House with You     
4. Call Her Your Sweetheart     
5. He Knows     
6. Puppy Love     
7. I Wish I Knew     
8. Heart Strings     
9. Bundle of Southern Sunshine     
10. When You and I Were Young, Maggie     
11. A Sinner's Prayer     
12. I Wanna Play House with You     
13. Roll Along Kentucky Moon     
14. Trouble in Mind     
15. When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again     
16. No One Will Ever Know     
17. Wild Flower     
18. White Azaleas     
19. I'll Still Belong to You     
20. Somebody's Been Beating My Time     
21. That Little Boy of Mine     
22. Open Thy Merciful Arms     
23. The Old Rugged Cross     
24. Have Thine Own Way, Lord     
25. Take My Hand, Precious Lord     
26. Anything That's Part of You     
27. Easy on the Eyes     
28. This Is the Thanks I Get (For Loving You)     
29. That's What Love Is All About     
30. Someone Calls Me Daddy     
31. (Don't Ever Take The) Ribbons from Your Hair     
32. A Full Time Job     
33. Shepherd of My Heart     
34. You Gotta Be Mine     
35. Puppy Love     
36. I'll Do as Much for You Someday     
37. Have Thine Own Way, Lord     
38. My Desire     
39. When I've Done My Best     
40. I Want to Thank You Lord     
41. Smokey the Bear     
42. Horace the Horse     
43. I'd Trade All of My Tomorrows     
44. Older and Bolder     
45. Lovin' Up a Storm     
46. The Missouri Waltz     
47. Condemned Without Trial     
48. You Always Hurt the One You Love     
49. Moonlight and Roses     
50. I'm Waiting for Ships That Never Come In     
51. The Old Rugged Cross     
52. Have Thine Own Way, Lord     
53. Someday, Somewhere     
54. Today (Evening Song)     
55. Angry     
56. I Got Bad News for You     
57. When Your Hair Has Turned to Silver     
58. I'm Gonna Lock My Heart (And Throw Away the Key)     
59. Ready, Willing and Able     
60. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter     
61. Eddy's Song     
62. This Is the Thanks I Get (For Loving You)     
63. If I Never Get to Heaven     
64. Your Left Over Kisses     
65. How's the World Treating You     
66. Free Home Demonstration     
67. A Second Fling     
68. Mama, Come Get Your Baby Boy     
69. I Really Don't Want to Know     
70. I'll Never Get Over You     
71. My Everything     
72. Unfaithful Love     
73. It Is No Secret (What God Can Do)     
74. Crying in the Chapel     
75. Beyond the Sunset     
76. I Really Don't Want to Know     
77. Whispering Hope     
78. The Chapel on the Hill     
79. This Is the Thanks I Get (For Loving You)     
80. I Was Foolish When I Fell in Love with You     
81. Through a Stranger's Eyes     
82. My Everything     
83. The Chapel on the Hill     
84. Robe of Calvary     
85. Prayer     
86. I Called on the Master     
87. 'Twas the Dawn of a Beautiful Day     
88. When It's Round-Up Time in Heaven     
89. The Touch of God's Hand     
90. Just Call Me Lonesome     
91. Hep Cat Baby     
92. The Mills of the Gods     
93. A Dozen Hearts     
94. When You Said Goodbye     
95. Hep Cat Baby     
96. If She Will     
97. Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young     
98. This Is the Thanks I Get (For Loving You)     
99. When You Said Goodbye     
100. No One to Cry To     
101. Shame on You     
102. Cold Cold Heart     
103. So Round, So Firm, So Fully Packed     
104. I Love You So Much It Hurts     
105. Christmas Can't Be Far Away     
106. Someday (You'll Want Me to Want You)     
107. Sittin' on Santa Claus' Lap     
108. Slow Poke     
109. You Can't Be True Dear     
110. (Now and Then, There's) A Fool Such as I     
111. Tennessee Waltz     
112. Do You Miss Me     
113. Don't Forget     
114. I've Been Thinking     
115. I Always Have Someone to Turn To     
116. I Wouldn't Know Where to Begin     
117. I'm Your Private Santa Claus     
118. I Don't Hurt Anymore     
119. (Gonna Get Myself A) Brand New Sandman     
120. Two Kinds of Love     
121. In Time     
122. Each Time You Leave     
123. It Took a Miracle     
124. A Present for Santa Claus     
125. The Horse in Striped Pajamas     
126. Why Daddy?     
127. Unchained Melody     
128. His Hands     
129. Silver Moon     
130. Making Believe     
131. The Cattle Call     
132. The Richest Man     
133. The Kentuckian Song     
134. I Walked Alone Last Night     
135. Home on the Range     
136. Wanderin'     
137. On Top of Old Smokey     
138. Sweet Betsy from Pike     
139. The Lonesome Road     
140. The Wayfaring Stranger     
141. Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child     
142. Barbara Allen     
143. Across the Wide Missouri     
144. Down in the Valley     
145. Red River Valley     
146. I Gave My Love a Cherry     
147. Careless Love     
148. The Rovin' Gambler     
149. If She Will     
150. That Do Make It Nice     
151. I'll Be Satisfied     
152. I'll Be Satisfied     
153. Do You Know Where God Lives?     
154. Bayou Lullaby     
155. You Don't Know Me     
156. Puppy Love     
157. Heart Strings     
158. Bundle of Southern Sunshine     
159. Trouble in Mind     
160. Trouble in Mind     
161. Wild Flower     
162. I'll Still Belong to You     
163. Somebody's Been Beating My Time     
164. Have Thine Own Way, Lord     
165. This Is the Thanks I Get (For Loving You)     
166. This Is the Thanks I Get (For Loving You)

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